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( last updated on 2021/06/24 )
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This is the historic archive of W32TeX.
For daily use of TeX system, the latest TeX Live is strongly recommended.

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64bit Windows binaries for TeX Live

TeX Live provides only 32bit binaries for Windows for various reasons. However users of 64bit Windows can easily install 64bit TeX environment by obtaining tl-win64.zip at


Please read 00README.TLW64 carefully.

A simple installer

If you do not have a suitable program to expand .zip files, get a simple command line application [ unzip.exe ] by InfoZip.

Expand the file texinstwin.zip in the top directory (e.g., c:/w32tex) to install TeX:
Note that the name of the top directory shoud not contain
non-ascii characters and spaces.
If texinstwin.zip is in the directory c:/temp, type on the console as follows:

  md \w32tex
  cd \w32tex
  unzip c:/temp/texinstwin.zip

Next, download necessary archives in a suitable directory (e.g., c:/temp) and run the installer as follows:

  cd \w32tex
  texinstwin c:/temp
  move *.exe bin

The argument of the command texinstwin is the full path name of the directory in which archives are downloaded. Finally define the PATH variable which is printed on the screen by the command texinstwin.

Minimal installation

latex.tar.xz LaTeX
mftools.tar.xz mktexmf, mktextfm, mktexpk and ps2pk
platex.tar.xz pLaTeX by Japanese TeX Development Community
pdftex-w32.tar.xz pdfTeX and jbig2.exe
ptex-w32.tar.xz pTeX by Japanese TeX Development Community
web2c-lib.tar.xz Basic library files of TeX
web2c-w32.tar.xz Binary files of TeX and its friends

Standard installation

Add the following
datetime2.tar.xz datetime2 package for LaTeX
dvipdfm-w32.tar.xz DVI to PDF driver dvipdfmx
dvipsk-w32.tar.xz DVI to PS driver dvipsk
jtex-w32.tar.xz NTT-jTeX by T. Sakurai
ltxpkgdocs.tar.xz Documents on Basic packages for LaTeX
ltxpkgs.tar.xz Basic packages for LaTeX
luatexja.tar.xz luatex-ja package by H. Kitagawa et al.
luatex-w32.tar.xz LuaTeX
makeindex-w32.tar.xz makeindex programs (makeindex, mendex, upmendex)
manual.tar.xz Manual files
newtxpx-boondoxfonts.tar.xz newtx, newpx, and boondox fonts
pgfcontrib.tar.xz pgf, tikz tools
t1fonts.tar.xz Type1 fonts of cm, ams and others
tex-gyre.tar.xz tex-gyre and tex-gyre-math fonts
timesnew.tar.xz tfm and vf for TimesNewRoman and Arial (PFB)
ttf2pk-w32.tar.xz TrueType to PK driver
txpx-pazofonts.tar.xz TX fonts, PX fonts and mathpazo fonts
xetex-w32.tar.xz XeTeX by Jonathan Kew
xindy-w32.tar.xz Indexing system XINDY by Joachim Schrod
xypic.tar.xz xypic package

Full installation

Add the following
aleph-w32.tar.xz Aleph ( e-TeX 2.1 + Omega 1.15 )
biblatex-biber.tar.xz biblatex and biber.exe
cbfonts.tar.xz cbgreek font
cjkzr.tar.xz CJK package and various packages by T. Yato
context-doc.tar.xz Documents on ConTeXt by Pragma ADE
context.tar.xz ConTeXt by Pragma ADE
cweb-w32.tar.xz CWEB by D. Knuth and S. Levy and CTIE by J. Gilbey
dvi2ps-w32.tar.xz DVI to PS driver by T. Sakurai
dvi2tty-w32.tar.xz DVI to TTY driver
dvitools-w32.tar.xz dvidvi, dv2dt, dt2dv, dvipng, dvisvgm etc.
gregorio-w32.tar.xz Gregorio by Elie Roux et al.
latex-dev.tar.xz Package for tests of the pre-release version of latex
lcdf-typetools-w32.tar.xz LCDF Typetools by Eddie Kohler
luajittex-w32.tar.xz LuaJITTeX
minitoc.tar.xz minitoc package
m-tx.tar.xz M-Tx preprocessor by Dirk Laurie
omegaj-w32.tar.xz Omega with Japanese support
otfbeta.tar.xz latest version of OTF package by S. Saito
plain2-2.54-w32.tar.xz text to TeX or NROFF translator
pmx.tar.xz pmx preprocessor for musixtex by Don Simons
pstricks.tar.xz PSTricks
pstoedit-w32.tar.xz pstoedit 3.75 by Wolfgang Glunz
psutils-w32.tar.xz PostScript utilities by Angus Duggan, Reuben Thomas
ptex-ng-w32.tar.xz ptex-ng by Clerk Ma
qpdf-w32.tar.xz qpdf by Jay Berkenbilt
sam2p-w32.tar.xz sam2p by Szabo Peter
t1utils-w32.tar.xz LCDF Type1 font utilities by Eddie Kohler
tex4htk-w32.tar.xz TeX4ht for Win32
texinfo-w32.tar.xz Texinfo with Japanese support
tiff2png-w32.tar.xz TIFF to PNG driver
ttf2pt1-w32.tar.xz TrueType to Type1 converter ttf2pt1
tuftelatex.tar.xz Tufte-latex package
txtutil.tar.xz End-Of-Line character changer
ums.tar.xz ums package by A. Inagaki
uptex-w32.tar.xz Unicode pTeX by Takuji Tanaka
utf.tar.xz UTF package by S. Saito
vf-n2bk.tar.xz Virtual fonts to be used by NTT-jTeX and dvipsk
xymtex.tar.xz XyMTeX package by S. Fujita

Sources of W32TeX


XeTeX for W32

Installation of XeTeX for W32

(1) XeTeX is basically installed in the standard installation.

(2) To complete the installation,
    Edit the section "Find fonts in these directories" in the file
    The default content of the section is
    If that is ok and you do not have additional directories
    for fonts, you need not edit the file fonts.conf.
    If the name of the directory of windows system fonts is
    different from c:/windows/fonts, you must edit the file
    fonts.conf. You can add directories for fonts if you have
    additional fonts by using the file
    RootDir/share/texmf-dist/fonts/conf/local.conf. For example:
    (Note that the file local.conf is distributed by the name local.conf.dist.
     Thus users have to rename the local.conf.dist as local.conf.)

    Subdirectories are automatically searched.

(3) Run a command
    fc-cache -v
    on the console. This command creates cache files in
    RootDir/share/texmf-dist/fonts/cache by scanning font files
    in the above directories. Note that this command needs
    a few minutes if there are many large font files.

    Now you can enjoy xetex or xelatex.

    Names of supported fonts will be printed in a file by
    fc-list  :  file  fullname   >namelist.txt
    in utf8 encoding.

Maintenance of XeTeX for W32

    If you have edited the file "fonts.conf", run a command
    fc-cache -v
    on the console.

    If you have added new font files in a directory,
    run a command
    fc-cache -v
    on the console.

    If there are some errors, run the command
    fc-cache -v
    once more.

Japanese sample of XeTeX output

LuaTeX-DEV for W32

--- libpng 1.6.37 ---
--- libpplib ---

LuajitTeX-DEV for W32

--- libpng 1.6.37 ---
--- libpplib ---

ispell-3.4.00 for W32

Akira Kakuto